Annabelle 'Anne' Papermouth
Anne and her teddy bear in Sundays




Light Brown




May 13, 1994



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The Lord's Greatest Gift

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Annebelle 'Anne' Papermouth (born May 13, 1994) is the daughter of Roger and Florence Papermouth.


She is fairly cheerful, even when zombies roam the streets of Moralton, or if she's pointing a gun. Her catch phrase is "Look mommy, it's daddy!!" She is usually used as only a tool for the writers to toy with Florence and Officer Papermouth's relationships. She is usually seen with her teddy bear. Anne could also be seen as naive as she seen a bit unaware of her mother's crush on Reverend Putty. In addition in "Sundays" it is possible she's been taught how to use a gun very well as Officer Papermouth was seen getting her to help him with getting two criminals. This is a fact that startles and worries Florence, as she doesn't want her to hold or use a gun.

On "Sundays" Anne's demeanor is put down for once. When the night before church, her father realized Florence was with another man. Out of jealousy or anger, he took Anne's teddy bear that her mother gave her, while she slept. While she slept, he shot the toy out of anger but felt immediate regret. He most likely gave her back the toy, but Anne was hurt seeing her toy in such a terrible state on Sunday.


Season 1Edit

Episode 1, The Lord's Greatest Gift : Was sitting in church with her mother.

Season 3Edit

Episode 10, Sundays : This was her biggest role in the series and showed her family life.