Dale Armature








March 31, 1946




  • Crucifolks singer (fomerly)
  • Drama Teacher (currently)

First Appearance

School Pageant

Last Appearance

School Pageant

Voiced by

Dino Stamatopoulos

Character Edit

Dale Armature (born March 31, 1946) used to play the double-bass for a popular Christian folk band called The Crucifolks, until the more popular two-thirds of the band, Lily and Leaf, decided to break up the band by getting married and starting a solo project together; to Dale, this was news to him and says to the audience that he is intending to write a famous musical ("A famous BROADWAY musical!").

But six months later, he's forgotten and becomes the new music and drama teacher at Diorama Elementary, in order to get his fame back by premiering his universally unwanted musical Crooning Jesus; but also that Junior Christein's uncle, Bernie Christein, is an influential Broadway producer, so he gives the lead role to Junior.

After the premiere performance, Bernie tells Dale that "If it weren't for that pandering Judas song, this play would be totally forgettable!" This leads to Dale collapsing, proclaiming "MY PLAY IS NOT FORGETTABLE!!". What's happens to Dale after this episode and his currnt whereabouts are unknown.

However, Orel's song, "I Hate You, Jesus", has a lasting effect on Moralton and they sing it everywhere, even in church! Leading the adults to realize that their advice is very faulty and they should avoid at all costs. (See "Innocence")

As evidenced in "School Pageant", he seems to have a crush on Lily; considering that at one point, he tearfully looks a photo of The Crucifolks with Leaf's face cut out.

Appearances Edit

  • School Pageant: His only actual appearance in the series. He is the playwright of the universally unwanted musical Crooning Jesus.
  • However, in many other episodes, he is seen in posters of The Crucifolks throughout Moralton.


  • His last name is a refference to a stop-motion tool called an armature.
  • In the episode "School Pageant" he is seen plucking away his eyebrows, this was done as an explenation as to why he only has one eyebrow in the Crucifolks poster. The real reason is that while the photo was being taken his eyebrow melted off from the heat.