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March 9, 1983



First Appearance

The Lord's Greatest Gift

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Beforel Orel

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Scott Adsit

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Character[edit | edit source]

Doughy Latchkey (born March 9, 1983) is Orel's best friend, and is the son of Karl Latchkey and Kim Latchkey. He and Orel have been best friends since they were toddlers, and he is always helpful towards Orel.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Doughy is very naive and a bit shy, but he is nice, kind-hearted, and deeply cares about his friends, especially Orel, but unlike Orel, he is very sensitive, easily frightened, not very bright, and less enthusiastic. He has never been seen without his rainbow beanie, and has rapid mood swings from despondent to cheerful. As a result, he is often indecisive, lacks self-confidence, and consistently fails to stand up for himself when pressed, such as by letting Orel and Joe throw rocks at his dad's car, or failing to stand up for Orel in confronting the school bully, Walt Gluegun. He is also the original "Summer Smith".

Doughy may not be as confident or bright as Orel, but he shown to be a bit more reasonable than he is as he tries to talk him out of his ideas most of the time. He also has a strange gift of smelling sexual intercourse from a mile away.

History[edit | edit source]

In the episode "Courtship", Doughy's home life was revealed. His parents is a red-headed (stereotypical) jock father and a blonde (stereotypical) cheerleader mother who act like immature teenagers (most likely it's possible they had him young). Orel seems to be the only one who notices the difference between how his own parents treat him and how Doughy is treated by his parents. He points out that Doughy's parents never call him "son" or show him love and affection. In "Trigger", it was revealed that he has a gift for marksmanship, evidently stemming from his belief that he and his actions don't matter. He tried to ursup Orel's place in the family, only to be manipulated by Clay to get Orel to shoot better and was ignored by Clay soon after this. In "Honor", Doughy was last seen getting hurt in Hurtball.

He also appears in the lost episode, "Abstinence" which marks his second major appearance besides "Trigger". After unintentionally ruining people's fun, his father, Karl Latchkey, winds up giving him a job working graveyard shift at the town's farm. This later prompts Doughy to become a professional mood spoiler in Moralton.

Before Orel[edit | edit source]

Doughy's featured in the special "Beforel Orel" depicting Orel's beginnings. Young Doughy meets and befriends Orel Puppington, Tommy, and The Other Guy. At first, the group is very warming to one another and take a liking to Orel. But due to bad parenting, Orel's very naive and too trusting. When Orel falls and hurts himself, the trio realize how easily manipulated he is when they convince him that he didn't hurt himself. Doughy and the boys unintentionally become something of bullies to Orel. Doughy appears to be the only one who isn't fond of the tricks as he doesn't laugh when the others call him names or get him to hurt himself.

Orel's brought back from his grandfather's to meet his new baby brother and to be taught about God. However, he's left greatly confused due to Reverend Putty's, Miss Censordoll's, and Clay Puppington's bad teachings. Orel is taught to believe he must show his faith, like in the story of Abraham and Isaac. This doesn't help much when Doughy and the other kids go along and encourage him to follow along with the story.

Orel is stopped just in time by his grandfather and Officer Papermouth. But Doughy's injured during this, as its shown the knife hit him in the forehead.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Doughy has a round face, short red hair, wears a white shirt with a red tie, dark brown khakis, and a rainbow helicopter beanie on his head.

Family and Relationships[edit | edit source]

  • Karl Latchkey
    • Karl is Doughy's neglectful father who is usually annoyed whenever he sees Doughy or if Doughy is mentioned. Whenever Doughy tries to talk to him, Karl cuts him off and he gives him money so he won't hang around the house. Because of his poor relationship with his father, Doughy resents fathers and sons who bond together that he tried to make it so that Clay Puppington would take him on the hunting trip instead of Orel Puppington ("Trigger"), but he fell in love with Ms. Sculptham just because she called him "son" ("Courtship").
  • Kim Latchkey
    • Kim is Doughy's young-acting and irresponsible mother who tends to ignore him and/or tries to get rid of him so she can talk on the phone and have sex with Karl Latchkey. In "Trigger", it is shown that she is less mean to Doughy than Karl, but still she shows no signs of affection towards him.
  • Orel Puppington
    • Orel is Doughy's best friend who spends more time with him then anyone else on the show. He usually tries to talk Orel out of his ideas, but he ends up going along with them. Despite betraying him, the two have a very strong friendship ("Trigger").
  • Other Friends
    • Besides Orel, Doughy hangs out with Tommy, Joe, Billy, Marionetta and one kid who's name is never revealed. A lot of the time they play at recess or after church. In Loyalty Doughy, Tommy and the other kid feels rejected when Orel starts hanging out with Joe instead. In "God's Image" they realize (for the first time) that Billy has a different skin tone than theirs, because he is Italian. In "Grounded", they bathe Orel in virgin blood so that he can stay young and innocent forever.
  • Grandfather
    • In The Lord's Greatest Gift, it is shown that Doughy has a recently deceased grandpa. Not much is known about him like his name, or what side of the family he was on, but apparently he used to buy Doughy ice cream all the time.

Appearances in Episodes[edit | edit source]

The Lord's Greatest Gift - He helps Orel raise the dead. After misinterpreting Reverend Putty's sermon, he tells Doughy that dead people are spitting in God's face by being dead after they visit the graveyard. They find the grave of Doughy's dead grandfather and Doughy remarks his grandfather would never spit in God's face.

Orel comes up with a plan to revive Doughy's grandfather and other dead people by necromancy. Doughy, however is hesitant to the idea since he doesn't think the idea is good. He is then convinced by Orel when he told him his grandfather can buy him ice cream again if they bring him back to life.

During reviving his grandfather, Doughy expresses he smells worse than he was alive and refuses to strip his grandfather because he thinks that would be too awkward for him. Doughy then becomes distressed after witnessing his grandfather eating an officer's brain.

God-Fearing - At the beginning of the episode, he asks officer papermouth if being a police man is scary or not. He and his other friends dress up as angles for Halloween. He also advises Orel against breaking all ten commandments when he told him he has to do so in order to become scared. When Orel decides to break all ten commandments, he made Tommy and Doughy fight over Tommy's toy.

Maturity - He and Orel sneak into a bar to observe adults. He also questions why Principal fakey and nurse bendy are together after seeing them together. Orel then tells him that he shouldn't question adults. He and Orel then leave the bar after Doughy grows uncomfortable. 

Loyalty - Doughy and his friends worry about Orel's new friend Joe. At one point Joe and Orel throw rocks at Doughy's dad's car which Doughy tells them not to do so, surprisingly not bothered by it a bit. Then they go and tell Clay about what Orel is doing. Doughy along with his other friends tell Clay it's hard to talk about which makes clay to teach them his own method of talking about something that bothers him: by drinking heavily.

Few moments later, Doughy and his other friends have become completely drunk. Doughy shows concern about Clay wanting to punish Orel, which Clay's response is that "God wants people to beat their kids."

Doughy asks why but Clay answers it vaguely. After Clay leaves, Doughy expresses how much he wished Clay was his dad, which his other friends agree.

God's Chef - Hangs out and helps Orel throughout almost the entire episode.

God's Image - Doughy and the other kids realize that Billy has a different skin color than them.

Love - Doughy worries that Orel will go to hell for loving his pet dog more than Jesus.

Elemental Orel - Doughy helps Orel solve mysteries.

Praying - Doughy is sad that Orel has to spend all his time praying instead of hanging out with him.

Turn The Other Cheek - Orel saves Doughy from getting beat up by Walt, but later beats Doughy up because he makes a fist (they were playing rock paper scissors).

Geniusis - Doughy and Orel uncover "the missing link".

Courtship - Doughy falls in love with his teacher, Ms. Sculptham, and buys her romantic gifts. He even takes her to Paris, France.

Orel convinces him to trick Cecil Creepler into buying him presents so he can give them to his teacher.

Presents For God - Orel and Doughy visit Sinville to find “sinners” for Reverend Putty to save. They later (unknowingly) get more prostitute women from Sinville to have sex with men in Moralton.

Orel's Movie Premiere - Doughy voices himself, Clay Puppington and Principal Fakey in Orel's movie.

Grounded - Doughy helps Orel repeatedly kill himself so he can talk to God, but regrets it when he is afraid that Orel might not come back to life.

Innocence - Along with Tommy, Billy Figurelli and Marionetta, Doughy bathe Orel in virgin blood so he can remain young and innocent.

Trigger - Doughy tries to make it so Orel can't go on his hunting trip with Clay, so that he'll take him instead.

Closeface - Doughy asks Orel who he's taking to the Arms Length Dance.

Honor - Doughy complains to Coach Stopframe about having to play "Hurtball"

Beforel Orel - Doughy meets and befriends Orel in this special.

Lost episodes


Doughy's first major in the series. He tries to help people around the town, only to become a "cock-blocker" unintentionally. This then leads to ms Censordoll hiring him as one to prevent townspeople from love making after he loses his job at the town's farm.

Doughy likes[edit | edit source]

  • Orel (best friend)
  • Ice cream
  • Having a father figure
  • Going to church
  • Playing games
  • Praying
  • Hugs
  • Romance
  • Making friends
  • Money
  • Nice people
  • Being loved / appreciated
  • Being a good person
  • Being treated as a family member
  • His grandfather (deceased)
  • Ms.Sculptham (teacher, love interest)
  • Orel’s father, Clay
  • Mr.Creepler

Doughy dislikes[edit | edit source]

  • His parents neglecting him
  • His parents bullying him
  • Being ignored / forgotten
  • His father ignoring him
  • His father yelling at him
  • His parents locking him out of the house
  • Seeing other children with their fathers
  • Being afraid or worried
  • Anything that scares him
  • Anything Catholic
  • His feelings being hurt
  • Being sad
  • Sinning
  • Getting in trouble
  • Orel getting in trouble
  • Orel getting hurt or endangered
  • Hell
  • Sinville
  • Ms. Sculptham only liking him for gifts

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Doughy's surname Latchkey is a reference to the neglect that Doughy suffers from his parents as they are being very affectionate toward each other and they usually pay him cash to get out of their hair, hide the key and lock him outside the house so they can make out and have sex without their son around.
  • Doughy's favorite food is ice cream.
  • In "Trigger", Kim Latchkey (Doughy's mother) and Karl Latchkey (Doughy's father) love to neglect and bully him where his marksmanship and evidently stemming from his belief that he and his actions don't matter, consequently resenting parents having better relationships with their children.
  • Doughy bears similarities to Summer Smith from Rick and Morty. Both are red heads and both are the result of unprotected sex their parents had back in high school.
  • Doughy is shown to have father complex, as he was shown to seeking out Clay Puppington as a father figure, and deeply resenting fathers and sons who have a good relationship.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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