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Moral Orel
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date December 4, 2006
Written by Dino Stamatopoulos
Directed by Chris McKay
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Orel solves problems using logic. After the money from collection at church is stolen, he sets out to find out who took the money, only to discover a bigger mystery involving his mother.

Plot Edit

Orel decides to take up mystery solving and as his first case he proves that Billy shouldn't have won the "making things contest" and that Tina is the rightful winner. He concludes this because Billy's entry was an arts and craft flower and only God can make a flower. At church on Sunday Reverend Putty gives a sermon on stealing while Joe passes around he collection plate. Orel puts in his birthday money in the tray, written on it is "Orel, get yourself something nice, grandpa." Doughy asks Joe how much money he put in the tray and Joe says he doesn't have any. This gives Joe an idea, he swipes the collection money. When Reverend Putty finds out he talks to Doughy, Orel and Joe and Orel offers to solve the case for a nickel. Just then, Marionetta walks by and Joe says that she did it, she argues that she wasn't even in church. Orel tells Joe and Marionetta that they are the two prime suspects. When Orel gets home he rushes to tell his mom about the case he's working on but she is nowhere in the house. The next day Orel solves the mystery because, apparently Joe follows the ten commandments because he refused to cut his grandfathers lawn on the sabbath day and Marionetta does not because she didn't honor her mother and father by going to church to pray for all of them, and instead delivered crippled food to the physically challenged. (also Joe and Doughy both buy ice-cream from Mr. Creepler) Tehen Marionetta comes back with Orel's birthday money that Joe used to buy his ice-cream as proof Joe did it but Mr. Creepler takes it back, causing her to run into her house crying. That's when Orel sees his mother with Marionetta's family, and treating them like she treats her own family. He goes to church and tells god all about it, Reverend Putty hears and tells Orel it's called bigamy. Orel later confronts his mother about this, it turns out that Bloberta and Clay were "swinging" in order to try and keep some excitement in their marriage.


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When Orel is in his father's study, a skull can be seen in the background around 9:55. The scene changes, and then cuts back to Orel in the same shot around 10:06. The skull is gone.

Episode Tie-InsEdit

This episode foreshadows Courtship, and somewhat Dumb.