The Lost Commandments were fictional tools, not used in the real Christian religion, but used by various characters in the show of Moral Orel. They were created by Angela Puppington. She taught Clay that Moses had forgot some commandments, creating 63 in all. The Lost Commandments were used by a few characters throughout the series, most having being used by Clay.

  • No. 11: Thou shalt be ashamed by natural anatomy. Used in The Lords Greatest Gift.
  • No. 12: Thou shalt only have sex face-to-face, man on top. Used in God's Chef.
  • No. 13: Thou shalt not bastardize the American language. Used in Charity.
  • No. 14: Thou shalt always clean thy plate and not waste anything, whether thy stomach is full or not. Used in Waste by Bloberta.
  • No. 18: Thou shalt be loyal to all my friends at the same time. Used in Loyalty.
  • No. 19: Thou shalt not masturbate. Used in Maturity, only seen on a plaque on the wall in the bathroom.
  • No. 21: Get it right! Used in The Lord's Prayer.
  • No. 29: Everything's fine. Used in Repression.
  • No. 38: Thou shalt never hold a gun without anything to shoot at. Used in Passing by Clay.
  • No. 63: Thou shalt never forget thy loaded a gun when thou has an innocent child in the house. Used in Passing.
  • Not Numbered: The Lord works in myserious ways. Used in God's Blunders.
  • Not Numbered: Spare the rod and spoil the child. Seen a number of times in the study.