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Season 1, Episode 8
Air date

May 22, 2006

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After running into Orel at church, Coach Stopframe asks if Orel would become Bible Buddies with his nephew Joe, who isn't settled into christianity yet. Despite Joe doing bad things for fun, Orel believes that it he should be a loyal friend and go along with it.

Plot Edit

When arriving at church one morning with his family, Orel runs into Coach Stopframe, who introduces the boy to his nephew, Joe. Stopframe tells Orel that Joe isn't quite settled into the Christianity scene yet, and so asks him if he wouldn't mind being the boy's "Bible buddy". Orel accepts. The two sit together during the sermon, and Orel learns that an important aspect of friendship is undying loyalty. Unfortunately for Orel, his new friend is a violent sociopath. Although Orel is skeptical about this sort of behavior, he remembers what he learned about friendship and loyalty, and so reluctantly joins in on Joe's "fun" at the sake of spending time with his own friends. Orel's real friends become concerned about his dangerous interest in Joe, so they go off to find Clay and tell him about the situation.

While Clay indulges them (over a few glasses of liquor), Joe leads Orel into the woods to beat up some "homosexuals", which in this case is two small boys taking turns kissing each other on the cheek with innocent glee. Clay comes driving up in his car, knocking down trees along the way. He orders Orel into the car and they have a talk in Clay's study, while the boy Orel stopped beating knocks out Joe and resumes kissing his friend. Orel is scolded not for having gone and done something he knew was wrong, like bashing two innocents with a baseball bat, but for neglecting all his other friends in favor of one single friend. Clay tells Orel that rather than ditch them, he should have invited all his friends along so they could all take part in whatever was going on. Thus does the Lost Commandment 18, come into play: "Thou shalt be loyal to all thy friends at the same time."


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  • This is the second of the three episodes to get cleared by Standards & Practices due to its depiction of homosexuality and the plot centering on Orel and his new best friend beating up the boys said to be gay.
  • Joe is apparently Coach Stopframes nephew, however Stopframe dosn't share the surname as Joe, his father, his sister or his (unwed) mother.
  • Church display sign gag - '"Sinfully Good" is not always that bad.'

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