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Welcome to Moral Orel Wiki! The Community Portal is where this wiki community comes together to organize and discuss projects for the wiki. To see the most recent discussions, click the Discussion tab above.

Project Listing

This is where all the projects, ongoing and past, will be listed on the wiki. Some of the pages may overlap in some categories.

Major projects include

Minor Projects include

  • Fixing up the main pages
  • Creating a skin for the wiki
  • Cleaning up the images
  • Go through cleanup
  • Go through article stub pages.

Major Projects

Major projects are projects that will be given more priority than the minor projects. They are in no particular order but if they can be done over a minor project, they should be chosen instead.


  • Add the correct template to all of them
  • Add in appropriate details
  • Fix up spelling and grammar errors
  • Add the correct characters in each section
  • Add in any notes
  • Add in any episode tie-ins
    • Make sure the episode they tie in with match them correctly


Main article: Moral Orel Wiki:Character Articles

For now, go there to see what should be done with character articles

Minor Projects

Small, minor changes that can be done at anytime and by anyone.

Main Page

  • Give it a more accessible, easy to read and view look.
  • Figure out a way to choose the featured article
  • What boxes should be on the front page
    • What color they should be


  • Something that represents Moral Orel
  • Colors
  • Should be easy to read and not hard on the eyes


  • All images should have the image template
  • They should have well understood names
  • All images should fall into an episode category unless they did not come from an episode
Main article: Moral Orel Wiki:Image Use

For more information, look there

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