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Mrs. Hymentact (born 1953) is Bloberta's mother, and the abusive (at least with Raymond and Bloberta), domineering matriarch of the Hymentact family. She leads the rest of the family, with the exception of Bloberta, in a family choir. Mrs. Hymentact blatantly favors her oldest daughter and youngest son over middle child Bloberta, going so far as excluding Bloberta from singing in the family choir, stating that they "don't need two sopranos". She keeps everyone in line and reacts to the slightest misstep, with loud scream, having completely crushed the spirit of her husband Raymond as a result. Bloberta and her father fail to stand up against her, instead seeming to have resigned themselves to live thwarted and dominated by her.

Though its very hard to see, Mrs. Hymentact was present at her daughter's wedding. But she didn't seem to really pay attention. Unlike her husband that was watching their daughter, her eyes seemed focus on Reverend Putty. This could mean that she was trying to show interest in the wedding or really didn't care if her daughter was entering a happy marriage or not.

Years later, Bloberta mirrors her mother's habits by showing favors for Shapey. Another habit is bossing Clay around, though Bloberta denies this. In "Honor," Bloberta shows that she tries to be better than her mother by wanting to have Orel in the family choir. Throughout the show, she has shown to show interest in Orel's activities, as she helped sew flags and quilts and such for his campaign while he was working for Miss Censordoll.

Throughout the series, Bloberta failed to stand up to her mother, nor did she ever confront her for how she treated her. Its never really been stated or figured out why she favors her other children or treats Bloberta so coldly. Or why she abuses her husband so. It is possible that in her mind everything's perfection, and for some reason she finds Bloberta to be imperfect.

She is Orel and Shapey's grandmother, but it is not revealed if they have ever met.