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Moral Orel
Season 2, Episode 18
Air date July 2, 2007
Written by Orel Puppington
Directed by Orel Puppington
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Orel hosts his own movie premiere in his backyard for his family as well as key figures in Moralton's community; during the screening, Joe becomes restless, and uses the opportunity to insult everyone in attendance.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Orel holds a premiere in his backyard in front of his family and almost all of Moralton's authority figures. Using exceptionally crude stop-motion and a voice-over script, Orel and Doughy recreate the events of "The Lord's Greatest Gift", "God's Chef", and "Charity". Joe, however, gets restless and seizes the microphones and uses this opportunity to berate and insult everyone in attendance. The audience, already perturbed by the events and their portrayals on screen (with the exception of Coach Stopframe) take it in silence while Orel bemoans Joe's actions and ends the show by absentmindedly wondering about misinterpretation while holding the Bible.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the opening credits, it says the episode is written and directed by Orel Puppington because Orel made the video that was played in the episode.
  • In the end credits, instead of Orel animating his Bible figurines, it cuts to an animation of the home-movie version of Orel animating Bible figurines.

Episode Tie-Ins[edit | edit source]

  • The Lord's Greatest Gift -- First part of Orel's movie. The dialogue goes as planned.
  • God's Chef -- Second part of Orel's movie. In this section is where Joe interrupts the movie.
  • Charity -- Third part of Orel's movie. None of the actual dialogue is heard from here.
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