Season 2, Episode 7
Air date

December 25, 2006

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God's Blunders
The Lord's Prayer

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Reverend Putty's sermon denouncing worldly pleasures leads Orel to stop doing good deeds, which are his only source of pleasure, and when he subsequently has a wet dream he starts abusing himself with crushed glass and gravel to prevent more delight.

Plot Edit

Reverend Putty begins his sermon with everything that makes you feel good is sinful. He begins to recite a long list, which puts the church to sleep. Afterwards, Orel takes this to mean that anything that's pleasurable is wrong and must be avoided. While walking down the street with Doughy, Orel neglects to help an old woman, a lady carrying too many groceries, and a blind man--all because he finds helping people to be pleasurable.

That night, Orel has a dream that God says he loves him. There is a brief picture of Orel's heart as it explodes from this remark of love, bringing him happiness. Upon waking up, Orel realizes that praising the lord is a pleasure, checking beneath his blanket only to notice that he's had a wet dream.

Orel goes to talk to Reverend Putty who tells him that every time he has a pleasure, he should add a little pain because the Devil hates pain. With that new bit of information, everytime Orel does something he sees as pleasurable, he inflicts some sort of pain on himself (thorns, nails, rocks, and staples--whatever is near).

While walking down the streets, Orel is thanked by a homeless man after he gives him money. Breaking a bottle on the curb, Orel stuffs the glass shards in his shoe and walks. Orel soon meets a man on the streets who has similar types of bruises and wounds. The man tells him that they're alike and invites Orel to the Glory Hallelujah Hole (behind buried pleasures). This is a place where pain is used for sexual gratification.

Once there, the man tells him that they have combined pleasure and pain so they can have the best of both worlds--so when you feel pain, you also feel pleasure. After watching some of what goes on, Orel is taken into a room to experience the best of both worlds.

Orel has another dream that night, but this time God tells him he's been a very bad boy and spanks him. When Orel wakes up, he realizes he has had another wet dream upon checking underneath the sheets.

Orel goes to his father and tells him what happened. Clay is very astonished and is about to punish him for what happened, but soon realizes that he'd enjoy the pain. Instead, Clay tells Orel that he must learn to fear and feel pain again or else he won't be able to be punished appropriately by his belt.



  • Orel isn't beaten in this episode, like the previous ones, but it still follows the basic premise of the earlier epiodes.