Principal Norm Fakey








October 2, 1955




  • School principal (currently)
  • Gym teacher (fomerly; shown in Help)

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Norm Fakey (born October 2, 1955) is the principal of Alfred G. Diorama Elementary School.

Affair with Nurse BendyEdit

Principal Fakey attempts to run the school according to his community's strict moral code. He himself has been having an affair with Nurse Bendy for some time. However, when he tells Reverend Putty about this, he doesn't get any help at all. His wife, Millie, is completely unaware of this, and Fakey felt extreme guilt over his deception until receiving advice from Orel. He is now in denial concerning the affair, and has thrown his wife out of the house, blaming the gonorrhea he received from Nurse Bendy on his wife's (nonexistent) infidelity. In "Orel's Movie Premiere", Joe insults him over his affair.

He may still be involved with Nurse Bendy, as in "Dumb " she offers Joe candy; its an obvious gift from Fakey. But it could be other gifts that she's already had, as she seems to be very bored in the affair and doesn't even care; for instance, when they're having sex, Bendy doesn't feel anything and doesn't even compliment him. She's not been seen with him since "Repression", possibly meaning she's broken up the relationship, so she can be more motherly to Joe.


  • God's Chef- Tell's Orel why masturbation is a sin, in his own graphic and depressing way, and takes him to Reverend Putty.
  • Waste- Introduces Orel to the audinece.
  • Love- Gets mad when Bartholomew gets more attention than the new playground he just put in.
  • God's Blunders- Tells Tommy's parents that their son is retarded.
  • The Lords Prayer- Confesses to Putty about his affair with Bendy; this being the first instance.
  • Praying- Pressures Orel to win the praying bee.
  • Repression- He is the primary character of the episode and it deals with Fakey's affair with Nurse Bendy.
  • Help- His marriage to Millie is shown.
  • Closeface- Introduces Reverend Putty at the beginning of the episode.


  • His last name "Fakey" is a reference to him as being a claymation figure, as with other pun names used for characters in the series, such as "Clay", "Bloberta" and "Shapey".
  • In his younger years, when he first met or married Millie, he was the coach of the school.