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August 1953

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Raymond Hymentact (born August 1953) is Bloberta's father. He constantly shakes and is never seen without a drink in hand. His domineering wife has crushed his spirit, and he is completely afraid of her, cowering from even a glare, with "I'll shut up!," hinting that his wife is verbally and possibly physically abusive to him: he is afraid to even be seen talking. He deeply cares for Bloberta, and sneaks to her room to console her when she feels left out, although he is jittery the whole time, worrying that his wife will catch him. Despite his obvious fear and shortcomings, Bloberta believes that her father's drinking helps to make him a better person and seeks to set that same standard for Clay. This standard will have a bad result for Bloberta by marrying Clay, who becomes a full blown alcoholic. One thing Raymond is right about (that his wife will never agree with) is that nobody is "perfect".

Raymond was seen at Clay and Bloberta's wedding, but not his wife. While most of the family seemed uninterested, Raymond was the only one actually paying attention to the ceremony. Its also noted that he seemed very unhappy, meaning he either didn't like the idea of the marriage or he was sad to see his daughter married so quickly. There's no indiction that Orel or Shapey have met their grandfather. Or how's been over the years, but most likely he's probably still with his wife.


  • Bloberta
    • She does love her father dearly and just wants to try to be involved in the family life. Raymond does care for her happiness but is still too cowardly to even speak against his wife.