Season 2, Episode 12
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May 7, 2007

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Turn The Other Cheek

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When Orel catches Principal Fakey doing something wrong, he goes and talks to his father about authority figures doing inappropriate things.

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Principal Fakey's affair with Nurse Bendy continually leaves him with horrible guilt that becomes harder and harder for him to bear. Fakey continually confides his problems and concerns about his affair to a less-than-receptive Reverend Putty, who lives on Fakey's embellished details. When Fakey refuses to divulge and begs for guidance, Putty abandons Fakey in disgust, leaving Orel to provide guidance.

Having received earlier advice from his father about how authority figures are above the law and thus not responsible, Orel provides the same guidance to Fakey, concluding that if a man in Fakey's position is free of sin, then he is not actually guilty of anything. This leads Fakey to confidently continue his affair with Nurse Bendy until he receives some shattering news—he has gonorrhea. Although the STD was clearly contracted from Bendy, the earlier guidance leads Fakey to assume that his wife was responsible and promptly throws her out of the house, ending their marriage. Having witnessed the dissolution of the Fakey's marriage and feeling responsible, Orel comes to Putty, only for Putty to abandon him when he learns that "Mrs. Fakey is a free agent," and tells Orel to use the same advice he gave to Fakey. Orel does and skips off happily.


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