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Moral Orel
Season 2, Episode 16
Air date June 11, 2007
Written by Dino Stamatopoulos
Directed by Jeff Gardner
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Orel tries out for the lead role in the School Pageant, however he has some stiff competition.


Six months after the breakup of the folk-trio, The Crucifolks, the long-forgotten bass player—Mr. Armiture, resurfaces at Diaroma Elementary with his universally-ignored musical, "Crooning Jesus". Orel eagerly auditions hoping to get the role of Jesus, but is devastated to learn that not only did Junior Christein win the role of Jesus (with his magnificent voice and powerful connections), but that he would be playing the role of Judas. With Orel threatening to back out, Mr. Armiture wins Orel over with this argument—if it weren't for Judas, there would be no Christianity and that he could be considered one of Christianity's biggest "heroes".

The night of the play is a tense affair for Mr. Armiture, as not only is Junior's Broadway-producer Uncle Bernie in attendance, but so were the infinitely more popular 2/3's of the Crucifolks—Lily and Leaf. The show goes over badly, although Junior performs well, the audience not only does not like that Orel isn't Jesus but they're all simply bored by it.

Orel's performance though, a lavish song and dance which was a hateful diatribe against Jesus is received quite favorably among the town and the show is considered a success except to Mr. Armiture, who is informed by Bernie that if it weren't for the Judas number, the play would be "forgettable". His point is proven three weeks later with everyone in town singing "I Hate You, Jesus"—even Reverend Putty leads the congregation joyously singing. The episode ends with Orel realizing what the implications of the song were.


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  • When Mr. Christein is looking through Junior's papers, you can see that he was graded on a note from his parents.
  • A last minute scheduling change switched "Orel's Movie Premiere" with "School Pageant."
  • This is the first appearance of The Crucifolks and their names are Lily, Leaf, and Dale Armature. Previosuly, they were seen on posters throughout Moralton.
  • In the DVD commentary for The Blessed Union, Jay Johnston stated when he was taking the picture for The Crucifolks poster, one of the character's eyebrow's melted from heat exposure. This is used as Dale Armature's most distinguishing feature.
  • This epsiode premiered on the Internet prior to its TV airing on [adult swim video] on June 8, 2007, however it was originally scheduled for June 7, 2007.

Episode Tie-InsEdit

  • Innocence - Begins where this episodes ends.
  • Dumb - At the beginning of the episode, Joe arrives back home from the play, still in costume.