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1 Numb While Clay and Orel are on their hunting trip, Bloberta looks at a picture of her son Shapey and realizes that she picked up Block, the boy she has now, by mistake but when she tries to set things right Block's mother leaves her with both of them. 09 October 2008

2 Grounded After a near death experience, Orel visits Hell before being saved; Orel becomes obsessed with dying in order to get closer to God. 01 April 2008

3 Innocence Orel tries to make amends for the song he sang that was the big hit of the school pageant and gets a series of cryptic advisements from his pastor, his school teacher and the town's only Jewish family before setting out to obtain innocent blood. 16 October 2008

4 Alone Nurse Bendy believes men are only interested in her for one thing, while schoolteacher Miss Sculptham bears emotional scars from a rape and the mother of librarian Ms. Censordoll had her daughter's reproductive organs removed while she was a baby. 21 October 2008

5 Trigger As Orel is shooting poorly during a marksmanship lesson from his father, an unhappy boy who is depressed because his parents ignore him joins them and his shooting skills impress Dad so much he winds up usurping Orel's place in the family. 23 October 2008

6 Dumb Dr. Secondopinionson's sociopathic son Joe, who carries the burdens of unresolved grief and guilt because he was always told his mother died while giving birth to him, gets the real story from Coach Stopframe and reacts in typically violent fashion. 29 October 2008

7 Help When Orel asks his mother why she married his father she gives him a flip answer and bursts into tears as soon as he leaves the room, reminiscing about a time when her family was actively rejecting her and it seemed everyone she knew was engaged. 04 November 2008

8 Passing Orel's father reminisces about his relationships with his own parents, the gun his father gave him, and how terrible he felt when his mother admitted he was somewhat less than an only child because she had miscarried 10 times before delivering him. 06 November 2008

9 Closeface Orel has the problem of finding a girl to take to the Arms Length Dance while Stephanie recalls a humiliation and long lost friend. 11 November 2008

10 Sundays Reverend Putty has always believed in putting his job before his own pleasures. But through a series of meetings and encounters with women, Reverend Putty is inevitably forced to decide whether or not he will do something that could be considered taboo. 13 November 2008

11 Sacrifice Clay Puppington, Dr. Potterswheel,Reverend Putty, and Officer Papermouth, all talk about the sacrifices they make in order to perform their jobs, their duties, and to keep other people happy even at the cost of their own happiness. 17 November 2008

12 Nesting Orel is shocked to discover that his own dad, Clay Puppington is in fact the mayor of Moralthon! And Clay is shocked that despite the fact that he hates his dead-end job, that Miss Censordoll is in fact campaigning against him to replace Clay as a new mayor in the upcoming town elections! And with Orel disgusted by his dad's behavior, decides to campaign for Miss Censordoll instead of his own father! 19 November 2008

13 Honor Orel tries to find out how he can honor his father. Coach Stopframe finds out about Clay and Ms. Censordoll. 18 December 2008
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