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Season 1, Episode 4
Air date

January 30, 2006

Written by
Directed by
  • Scott Adsit
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The Blessed Union

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Orel Puppington learns that God doesn't look kindly on the wasteful. After lessons from Coach Stopframe and his father, he sets out with two goals in mind. Orel must stop his own wastefulness, and ensure he doesn't end up the failure his father predicts of him. Will he succeed, or will he upset the townsfolk once again?

Plot Edit

Orel is on his camping trip and learns from his camp counselor, Mr. Cartsen, about drinking urine is good for not wasting energy and not losing vitimins. He begins drinking his own urine so he won't waste it, which is prohibited by the "Lost" 14th Commandment, "Thou shalt always clean thy plate and not waste anything, whether thy stomach is full or not.

He brings his urine to school and begins improving in gym track due to its richness in vitamins. His gym teacher, Coach Stopframe, tells the rest of his students to start taking Orel's mysterious new "energy drink". When the students turn to Orel for some, he decides to sell it, leading his school to state championship.

When his father learns this, he forces Orel to tell the truth to the school. After making his public apology, Orel is chastised not because he allowed people to drink his urine, but because he charged them for it when it didn't cost him anything to make.


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  • The logo for Orel's "Formula #1" is a parody of the logo for Gatorade.
  • Intro gag: In the opening, Orel is waving a "God is #1" foam hand. (This is the first time the gag has been used in the series)
  • Lost 14th Commandment: Thou shalt always clean thy plate and not waste anything, whether thy stomach is full or not.
  • The closing credits sees Orel animating Jesus and other Christian figures driving in a car, getting out, and then kicking a roll of toilet paper around.
  • The condiments in the lunchroom are labeled 'Sugar Coated Salt,' 'Catsup Flavored Mustard' and 'Chocolate Flavoured Catsup.'
  • This epsiode first premiered on the internet during the [adult swim] Friday Night Fix on January 27, 2006.
  • A portion of this epsiode was screened at the 2005 San Diego Comic Con, as well as the 2005 Dragon*Con.

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